March 9, 2016
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March 18, 2016
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It is time to pull back our veils! It is time to re-discover and remember who we really are. What is behind the chaos that is happening in the world? Who are we, and what are we doing here? If we open our eyes, we can see that magnificent change is happening all around us, and within us. It is no less than a revolution, a world-wide evolution. We are waking up!!!

Some say we have been gradually waking up for thousands of years, or even longer. Now, time itself seems to be changing, collapsing, speeding up. Big things are happening quickly. We are seeing rapid growth in many ways, as well as rapid deterioration of old paradigms and worn-out systems. We are finding our way out of our ancient game of hide-and-seek, and out of the shadows of our self-imposed separation from the Divine. We are experiencing more and more spiritual insights, more wisdom, and more Love than ever before. Whether we attribute this expansion to our guardian angels helping us, or whether we call it our higher selves living as individuals with divine purpose, we nevertheless are finding out that we have the inner strength and wisdom to live as we’ve never lived before. We are capable of creating heaven on earth, and we are masters in the highest sense, turning even the darkest of events into creations of Light. How is this done? By shining the Light. Shining Our Light!

It can be as simple as that, or not. Some days seem to be filled with trials because we have much that is being uncovered in our human lives. There is much of old habit that needs to be healed, as we have been thinking and reacting in certain ways for many years. On others days, we may find ourselves skipping along as easily as the breeze, experiencing the true grace of Spirit. But no matter how it seems in the moment, every day is a gift, and has great purpose. We are moving into a new creation, a new world beyond time itself.

Those who believe that we belong to a large, universal family are tuning in to the many masters, guides, and brothers and sisters from all over the Universe who watch and listen and speak to us. Others are tuning in to their inner vision, and are hearing their inner voice. And yet, are we not all made of the same great ‘stuff’? Either way, we are in the midst of an incredible movement of Spirit that is leading us back into our wholeness, back into knowing our Oneness again. The gentle, sleeping giant inside each of us is ready to come alive again. Fully alive!

What does it mean, to be fully alive? We can know BEING ALIVE by feeling it, by experiencing it, by allowing Spirit to move through us and fill our hearts. We can know it by pouring our Love out into the world, and by offering our understanding of the pain and suffering that touches us all. We can go farther and deeper into joy and compassion than we’ve ever gone before. We can listen as Spirit guides each of us, pointing our way to more wonder, more ease, and more peace in our lives. We can remember our true innocence, joy and the simplicity of living. We are beautiful, are we not?

When we begin to unravel and unwrap and unfold our gifts, there is no limit to what we can do and experience. But why wait -- be a gift to yourself today, and be a gift to another one, as well. Touch him or her with your Love. Reach out with your heart, and offer this one a loving hug, or a smile -- the kind of smile or hug that says, “I see you for who you truly are, and I love that which you are. You are the Light.”

The veil that has covered up our own understanding is lifting. We are freeing ourselves. We are coming home. But we are not coming home empty-handed, because we now have an expanded view of things; we know what it is like to live behind a veil, and to believe in darkness. We know what suffering is. Our compassion for everyone, including ourselves, has grown. We know Love in a way that we have never known or felt before. We are feeling our Oneness again. Our smiles say it all: It’s good to be home.

The great spiritual leader, our beloved Jesus, urged us two thousand years ago: "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” (Mathew 7:7)

Together we can find the Life we’ve been hoping for, searching for, and putting our hearts into for such a long, long time. We can live the kind of Life that we desire, where we feel fully at home and at ease in our bodies, and in love with the world we have created. You can live your life like this today. Will you?

— Vivian Sanders

* * *

“Beloved one, you are going to find Love. Know you why?
Because you are willing to give it."

–Jeshua ben Joseph
as channeled through Judith Coates

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  1. Rumi says:

    Wow! how beautiful the gift of love is. Amazing and delicious…

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