Come Dream With Me

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March 23, 2016
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March 29, 2016
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Come Dream With Me

“Come dream with me!”
beckons the star in the early evening sky,
“For there are many mountains yet to climb”

“The sun is journeying to the other side
to awaken the people sleeping there,
‘tho it leaves behind a lighted moon
to guide us on our way”

“Let your cares be taken away,
as on a ship that sails into the night
and heads for the farthest sea”

“Listen to the voice from deep within
and attend to its every call,
for it will supply our every need
and steer us along each course we take”

“Drink of its living water,
as a thirsty traveler would drink
from a cool, clear stream”

“For soon we will be riding along distant shores,
seeing our dreams of tomorrow
as they open up our hearts before us,
and our victory is made complete”

by Vivian Sanders

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  1. Rumi says:

    Ahhhhh crystal like …just amazing.

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