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March 29, 2016
August 3, 2016
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Spirit is currently looking for interested applicants.  There is no time limit for submitting applications.  You may apply “within.”

Job Category:  CREATIVE PLAY

Title:  Paradigm-Shifter; Mover of Mountains; One Who Calms the Seas


Description:  Spirit is looking for those who are willing to work with all types of egos, (whether hidden or apparent), with the intention of healing and transforming their energies.  No ego is too big or too small to work with.  Particular attention will be placed on the practices of presence, intention, and inviting a variety of (all-natural) miracles.

This is an inside job.  All placements will lead to further growth and exploration.  Unlimited positions are now open.

We will work in teams under the direction of One.  Each employee will be treated with respect, as well as honored, cared for, and considered to be exceedingly valuable.  This work is most often found to be quite enjoyable and gratifying as time goes on, typically becoming more like play.

Special Notes:

  • Perfectionism is neither necessary nor recommended.  Every circumstance will be perfectly laid out; every choice is yours to make; and there are no possibilities of making any ‘mistakes.’
  • Some have described this work as a bit demanding, but don’t let that stop you; it is simply a matter of perception

Requirements:  Faith, Will, and an Expansive Heart.

Keys to Success:  An Open Mind, Playfulness of Spirit, and Plenty of Practice

What to Look for:  A surprising discovery and/or remembrance will be revealed to you as you continue on your path. When your ego (otherwise known as the ‘dark side’) is seen in a new Light, your success in transforming it will become exponentially multiplied.  Once thought of as the enemy, your ego will now be seen as a true team player in the overall scheme of ‘things.’  (Look within for further details.)

Compensation:  All personal needs will be met.  Salaries will be tailored to satisfy each individual’s dreams and desires.  All contracts, promotions, and personal time are Self-generated and Self-approved.  Benefits are unlimited.  Job security is guaranteed.

Why wait?  Sign up now! 

It has been said that this job is one of today’s most desirable opportunities for those becoming Awake and Aware.  So spread the Word … many workers mean a Lighter load for all!

We welcome you!

Each of you is welcome in this exciting adventure.   No one will be turned away.  Simply knock, and the door will be opened.  Ask, and the job is yours.

Special Perk

Happy Hour is “on the house,” and will be extended indefinitely.  Some call it “Love!”

 *  *  *

by Vivian Sanders

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